The Five Cs to Remember when you plan to build your Website

Creating a successful website can take your business to a new level, and your website can serve as  an significant sales point for you potential customers.

Additionally, you can market your business  to additional potential buyers by advertising your website by paid ads , and in print by adding your website address to your email signature , business cards , flyers and advertising on social media platforms.

Although a successful website isn’t built in a day or a week, with a little time and effort, you can create a website for your business and turn it into a moneymaker that keeps your visitors clicking.

We at Digital Craft Consultants  realized five most important points on building  a website 

1) Clarity of your Brand

Brand positioning is extremely important  while you sketch your first draft to your web designer . Most of us get excited on the idea of building a website and starting a business . We sometimes lose focus on the idea behind our Brand , how we would like our customers to perceive us and the most important question of Why Customers are coming to us ?. Brand positioning is important to show our niche in the market place. Your Website’s success depends on how the customers perceive in the market space.

2) Clarity of Content

When we have an existing website , we don’t realize how valuable is our content . Do customers read out content ? Which Customers would read our content ? And why do they read our Content ?. It is extremely critical to have your content clearly prepared before you hire your web- designer. The Web designer ultimately follows your instructions to add the content in the website. Once you have a clear content you would save time and cost while sharing the content to your web-designer.

3) Clarity of Design

There are tons of designs available in the market place. You can use a readymade template website builder from sites like Godaddy to even Google .  There are themes available for paid , free on WordPress and other open source platforms. Due to the large number of choice many customers tend to get carried away by visiting competitor sites or other websites. The more you decide to view the more you realize its a mistake. Always consult with with Web – Developer to decide the best theme for you .  In some cases if you have a better budget a customized theme will always help as you decide where which colour , design , functionalities are required for your site. This gives you more freehand in designing your website like a painter in a canvas.


4) Clarity of your Logo

A logo is an identity of your business , people remember symbols and logos when they identifying with a brand. We at digital craft consultants work with a team of designers, artists who live their life on art and painting. It would help you in designing an elegant logo while working with Artists , designers . Their ability to get art and your business acumen will create something fantastic . This would help customers identify well with your brand.

5) Clarity of your images

Images play a crucial part in a website. Due to the tons of images available in google . In case you are looking to save some bucks its better to go for free images that are available . Always use easily downloadable , not copyrighted images that can be used to load with your content. As you progress and generate lot of cash it would be great to use paid images that can be you used next to your content.  Your content and your image should have some amount of relevance .  This is important while your customer can remember an image not necessarily the content.

There are more tips and tricks to learn while designing a website.

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